Kelowna Chiropractors for Kids

logoWhere families come to get healthy and stay healthy.

Pediatric Care

Our passion is caring for children.  Find out how Chiropractic care can help your little ones grow up healthy and happy.

Maternity Care

Helping families starts with helping Moms. From fertility to post natal care, we have the expertise to help you grow your healthy family.

Family Wellness Care

Yes, we see big kids too. In fact many grown ups start seeing us for a pain or ache, and learn how to get healthy and stay healthy with Chiropractic care.

Here at Health In Hand we want the best for you and your family.  That’s why we want to be the first thing you think of when you think about Kelowna Chiropractors for Kids.  Our love of health and wellness comes from a place of knowledge, deep caring and from raising a family of our own.  We know that you want the best for your family too, and we’re here to get you the answers you deserve about why your health might not be the greatest right now, how you can make it better, and what simple things you can do to get a little healthier every day even if your family is not currently battling any illness or pain.  If you’ve tried everything, including other chiropractic offices, we encourage you to reach out to us to find out how exactly we are different, and how we’re getting the incredible results we get with the members of our practice.  Your family deserves amazing health, just like ours!